Land Development

Land development refers to the process of acquiring land for development purposes with the objective of increasing the value of the land.

It is for this reason that land development is a lucrative to developer. However, it is also an area which involves complex state and local laws and regulations.

BHM Lawyers has a highly experienced and skilled property law team. Our objective is to work alongside their clients to ensure they remain compliant with the various state and local laws and regulations.

Obtaining legal advice prior to commencing your land development project is advisable, to ensure that you are aware of any issues affecting the land, and your legal obligations as a land developer.

Whether your land development is large or small, commercial or residential BHM Lawyers’ are able to assist you. Our expertise extends to the following areas of land development:

  • Selling off-the plan;
  • Subdivisions including the preparation of 88b instruments;
  • Boundary adjustments;
  • Transfers of land between family members including intergenerational transfers;
  • Strata and Community titling – including by laws;
  • Mortgages and leasing.


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