Civil Disputes & Litigation

What is a Civil Dispute?

A civil dispute refers to a dispute between two or members of the community, which is not criminal in nature.

What is Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation is the court process of resolving a civil dispute.

How we can help

If you believe you have been wronged and have suffered a loss as a result you may be able entitled to apply to a court for a remedy, which may include compensation.

BHM Lawyers is mindful that civil litigation is often a stressful, protracted, expensive and often uncertain process. Accordingly, we will first provide you with advice in relation to possible alternative and commercially sound processes for a resolution such as mediation and/or arbitration, or in the case of debt recovery matters, issuing a letter of demand or creditor’s statutory demand.

Should litigation become necessary, however, BHM Lawyers has extensive experience representing clients at the Local, District and Supreme Courts of New South Wales, Federal Court of Australia and High Court of Australia.

It is important to understand that time limitations are imposed for most types of civil disputes and that you should seek legal advice as soon as reasonably possible to find out whether you can commence proceedings, or the best remedy or course of action in your specific circumstances.

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